Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Our XBOX 360 is back. Well I won't say OUR XBOX 360...but a 360 is back. I am fairly certain they simply took the shell off the old one and put it around a new one. I cracked the power button on the old one and the power button is brand new. Bleh. It's back...and it works.

I can't see us switching cell phone providers anytime soon. With T-Mobile I get all the hotspots free. DFW is a TMobile Hotspot airport. This month on my schedule I sit around the airport for 2 1/2 hours at a time some days between flights. Surfing the net is a good way to make time go by a little faster. I have found a new and comfortable place to do this....The Samsung Mobile Office down by gate B28. In this Samsung mobile office there are very few passengers and almost no American Eagle employees. The reason? American Eagle operates from B4-B27 and then B30-B39. I am in no mans land next to United Airlines.


Kinda tired this morning. I landed in Cleveland, Ohio at 9:40PM. We got to the hotel at 10:15PM. By 10:20PM I was in the hotel room. I talked to Kelli for a bit, took a shower, caught up on the internet and then hit the bed. I fell asleep just after 11:30PM. I woke up around 2:30AM and fell back asleep after 3AM.  At 5:30AM my alarm and wake up call woke me up. All told about 5 hours of good sleep. I then flew to DFW and made a pretty good landing. I sit here for 2 hours and 4o minutes before being strapped back into a metal tube to Amarillo, TX and back finishing my day at 2:30PM. Reduced rest overnights suck. There is 9 hours between landing in Cleveland and taking off again. The FAA and the airline see those 9 hours as rest...even though I am sitting in a hotel van, checking in and settling in and out. Legal yes. Safe??? Gotta love coffee.

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