Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Japanese Horns

I installed a new horn in my car today. The original horn was way too wimpy. I have noticed that most Japanese cars have wimpy sounding horns. My Toyota Matrix was so bad I replaced the horn with 2 horns. I installed Hella Supertones in the Matrix. They made a huge difference. The Mazda 5's horn is located deep under the driver side bumper area.......not easy to get to. I researched horns for hours and settled on a model with an odd name...but powerful sound. I installed he Wolo Dual Bad Boy dual tone air horn. Yep air horn.


A sample of the horn can be found be clicking here.

I am done modifying my car for July. I might be done for good. Hmm that's a lie. I would like to find vinyl covers for my tail lights to darken them up. Ala Prince maybe I'm just like my mother....she's never satisfied.



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