Monday, July 21, 2008


The Riu chain of hotels is almost all the all inclusive type. We were new to this. We paid $360 for two nights so right at $90 per person per day. Sounds high but it included all food, alcohol (which I drank quite a bit) and more. The room had a stocked liquor dispenser with tequila, whiskey, gin and rum. There were 3 bottles each of pepsi, diet pepsi and 7up along with 4 gallon size water bottles. The food was very good for the most part. We ate at the steak restaurant one night. The steak was just barely decent....far from being the special meal it was advertised to be. In fact the meals at the buffets were the best food to be had. We ate plenty and I drank enough for Kelli and I times two. Good time indeed.

Below are a few photos from the trip. First up is Kelli and I after dinner on the second night. The dinner was ok but had a great view of the ocean and sunset. Next up is one of my plates during a lunch. I eat everything. The following photo is Kelli's plate. Always spartan...potatoes and pizza were her staples. We walked along the beach quite a bit, we are a few yards down the beach when we stopped for our requisite "arm outstretched" photo that we take everywhere. Finally is a eatery in the city that had someone who failed hooked on english.

afterdinner.jpg myfood.jpg  kellis-food.jpg  infront-of-the-resort.jpg   img_0660.JPG

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