Tuesday, July 8, 2008


That little strip of photos to the right are from my Flickr account. I'm not sure how many click on them. I uploaded a few that I am going to comment on here....so here they are. First up is Haley wearing the shirt I bought her. Whenever I hear a baby crying for some odd reason I say "There's no crying in baseball." I don't know why. I found a shirt online that had the saying on it and sent it to Haley. She is my favorite niece until she turns two or Gianna (my other niece) grows out of the terrible twos.  haley-no-crying-in-baseball.jpg  I brought my easy button with me on every flight when I was a flight instructor. I haven't brought it along at my new gig as I fly with a different captain often and am not sure how they feel about it. I have the same crew all month and felt it was okay to bring it into the cockpit. I have no idea where to stick it though. I might place it in the center pedestal during boarding/deboarding for passengers to chuckle at.easy-button.jpg  The last photo needs no explaining.....taken in the employee parking lot.aa-mgmt.jpg

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