Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Gonna have to downgrade

So I have had the Caddy of airplanes (for American Eagle way) since I started. Won't last for long. Due to downsizing of the industry I will very likely be forced out of my plane by a more senior pilot. I am currently #75 on my plane in Dallas. They are reducing staffing by 43....I am 12 from 20 from the bottom...not looking good. What is looking good is the fact that I have a union! Since I will be pushed out I have the possibility of pushing out someone more junior than me. Who will then push someone else out until there in no one left to push...then those guys are on the street. I am working up a game plan. I think I might go for the ATR...a huge turboprop aircraft. I would likely be able to hold a steady schedule...but the pay for the 2nd year (starting in October for me) is much lower than the jet. I am going for quality of life versus high pay. I was really down about the whole thing when I found out. I really enjoy flying the CRJ700....but at least I will still have a job...well I should still have a job....I might be forced out on the street as well.

We were supposed to go to New Orleans this weekend with Lacy and her brother Greg. They were going to use American Airlines buddy passes from Lacys Husbands sister. That deal fell through. Booooo! I was then thinking of going to the Bahamas....but I can't find a really nice affordable resort. So right now we are penciling in Cozumel, Mexico. I have Wednesday thru Sunday off. The resort I am looking at is the same one Eric and Angela visited recently. They had a good time. All depends on flight loads (only one flight in and out per day on American) and weather...(major storms near by).

If we don't go out of the country we will likely stay local and maybe take a day trip to Shreveport or.....somewhere.

I'm really hoping I can stay in my current plane. It's the only one in the American Eagle fleet with fresh coffee....all other planes have coffee delivered in a big thermos that was made hours ago. I really like fresh coffee. It's also the only plane that can fly at 41000 feet. There is a certain cool factor and safety factor up there. Cool because...it's high. Safety because we can out climb the weather.

Who knows.

I was in Little Rock Saturday night, home Sunday night, Des Moine, Iowa last night and now Kelli is going to Los Angeles tonight. Oh the traveling family!

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