Sunday, July 20, 2008

Made it back

Three days two night is an almost perfect length of vacation for us.

The flight down was fine. We didn't get first class but did score an exit row to ourselves.  I did a ton of research on what to do and what not to do. One of the top things mentioned by the transportation company (Transcabo, good company delivering exactly what they promised!) was to exit baggage claim and go directly outside to the pickup area and talk to no one. Well I exited the doors and was greeted by a guy asking if I was looking for Transcabo. I agreed and he pointed me over to a guy behind a desk who was not wearing a Transcabo shirt. He was a timeshare dealer! After only a few minutes we were walking away confused. Thankfully a Transcabo representative saw our paper and helped us out.

The drive to the resort was about 25 minutes. There's no way I would ever rent a car down there....crazy. The day before we came to cab drivers union finally came to terms with the government and stopped blocking transportation companies (Like Transcabo) from taking customers to and from the airport. Prior to this the cab drivers were blocking entry ways to resorts. When we pulled up there was still a bit of craziness as word travels slow. There were lots of cabs, men standing around and TV news cameras. The resort we stayed at is by far the largest in Cabo San Lucas. We made it in fine and were dropped off.

Riu Sante Fe is a first rate resort. Check-in was quick and easy. I booked the top room just outside of the suite. This meant a long walk but it was worth it. The view from our room was awesome. We were also closest to the beach and the nicer pools. The first two photos are our view of the ocean from our balcony. The bottom photo is the other direction looking at the courtyard of the hotel.




The room is very nicely appointed. The first day we simply walked along the beach, ate and drank. I drank a lot over the weekend. This was our first all inclusive and I took advantage of it. To keep from getting hang overs or too drunk I used a tip handed to me by a flight attendant. Pepto Bismol! I took a shot or two before I started drinking and never had a problem. I had more alcohol than I have had since college. No hangovers and I was never really drunk. Good times. That's it for now. More tomorrow. Obviously we got back ok.

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