Friday, July 18, 2008

In Los Cabos

We are in Cabo San Lucas. The flight down was fine. Flying standby is a game. Getting to the top of the list is important if you want first class. Yesterday 15 out of 16 first class seats were sold to paying customers. This morning at 5AM I noticed only 14 were. I quickly got up, grabbed out passports and drove to the airport. When traveling international on standby you have to scan you passport to check in. I checked in at a kiosk and went back home. We were 4 and 5 on the list. 1-3 were a group traveling together. Sure enough when we got to the gate they didn't want to be split. Problem was there was a group of 4 paying passengers looking for an upgrade. I thought they wouldn't split but they did. BOOO! The parents and two kids split up, giving the damn kids first class seats! All was not lost, we scored exit row seats. So far so good. Liqour dispenser and beer in the room. I am using the internet in the bar, $3 for 15 minutes. Gotta type quick. More later...maybe.

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