Monday, June 30, 2008


I love the way my Macbook handles wifi hotspots. It's simple. Once I have used one it remembers it. When I open my computer the Macbook connects to the wifi hotspot in less than 5 seconds. Windows never did that. Windows XP and Vista would take a good 20 seconds to really come back from sleep then another 30 seconds to figure out where it was. Back in the 2000 they offered a "Name Your Own Price For Gas" feature. I could go online, pick a local gas station and bid for gas. I would normally save $0.10-0.25 a gallon! I would buy $40 worth at a time. It was very easy. I think I used either a set credit card or they sent me a special card. I am surprised they haven't brought the idea back. Here is a link to an article about the service.

There is a new website where you can "lock" in today's gas prices for a set amount of fuel. allows you to prebuy how ever much fuel you want at Today's prices. There is a $30-$40 membership fee. Buying in is like being an oil speculator. If gas prices fall and you bought 1000 gallons at $4 a lose!

Finally. I flew to the Bahamas yesterday. While boarding up I saw a lady with a crazy large hat. I couldn't resist snapping a photo. Wow.


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