Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Giving Microsoft a shot

I filled out the online form from Microsoft to get our 360 fixed. They are paying for shipping both ways (gotta wait for a box...I'd rather pay for next day myself with my discount and all). We will be without a XBOX but more importantly a DVD player for a bit. We have 3 DVD players in the house...but I have no idea where the remotes are. Booo. I will have to find one. Bleh. One would think the Wii would play DVD's. The Wii is a state of the art video gaming system. The Wii however does not play DVD's.

Vacation. Getting away. We do it often. Mini-vacations anyways. We went to Sacramento the last two times. I toyed with the idea of going to San Francisco this weekend, but with only Friday and Saturday off we would spend too much time traveling. If I had 3 days there it would be doable. Instead we will travel east to the big easy. We are using our travel points to get a free hotel. The biggest expense will be the rental car at $38 all in. Good times. I'm still looking forward to the day when we go somewhere international. We went to Canada....but Canada isn't really international.

Still no word on if I will keep my job or not. Things are looking better...who knows. The good thing is that if I do get furloughed and I get a new pay can only go up!

I've had my car almost three months. So far I am averaging 26.5 MPG. I have driven just over 1600 miles. The gas mileage should go up as this current tank has the new tires with a slightly higher inflation rate. I take tire pressure very seriously checking it every week. Did you know more than 70% of the tires on the road are under inflated? Wasting gas away.

Macbook still kicking. Took me a month to figure out the built in firewall was blocking me from adding the network printer. No where through any setup info does it say to check the firewall settings. Annoying. I am still loving the 10 second boot up to useable computer speed, long battery life and very light weight.

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