Monday, June 16, 2008

Death house

So it's been a deadly day in the Byrd household. It started with the XBox and ended with my fish. The 360 is dead. If I had not opened the damn thing thinking it was out of warranty we could have had it fixed free (albeit a month wait). That's done. I searched online and found a website that I paid $27 to in hopes of getting instructions on how to fix it. I got the instructions. Didn't work. Gonna get my money back.

My fish. I loved my fish. I don't talk about them often. They were my ghetto fish. They all had the same name. Well the tank needed to be cleaned. I set up a spare tank with water and let it sit for more than the required 24 hours to make sure it was safe. I moved them over today and then quickly began cleaning the old tank. This is where I screwed up. I should have let the old tank and water sit for a bit to make sure the new tank was ok. It wasn't. After washing out the old tank in the backyard I could tell the fish were under stress. I was helpless. I tried adding some water treatment but it was too late. I was totally helpless and had to watch my pets slowly go to sleep. I can't imagine getting more fish......not any time soon.

So Kelli and I are rationally irrational. We don't make big purchases on a whim. Well we do....but not often. About 5 years ago we were walking around the mall and stopped by the Sleep Number store. We liked the bed, but spending $1600 on a bed was silly. The same day we purchased a $1500 full leather Lazyboy recliner from the Lazyboy store. A chair only one of us can use (and it's Kelli 99% of the time). Three years ago we were looking for a car for me. Instead we traded in Kelli's perfectly good 2 year old Saturn Vue for a Prius. Where am I going with this?

We need an XBOX. I thought we could get by with the cheaper Arcade version at $280. Nope. Although we can use our hard drive, it has not Ethernet port. We have to buy the $349 version. We don't have $349 just laying around. So we almost, and I mean add it all up and get ready to sign almost, bought a new 50 inch Panasonic Plasma TV AND the Xbox 360 in order to get 3 years no interest! Do we need a TV? Well arguments can be made yes. Our current one is large, bulky and 3 years old. We would move it to our spare bedroom, black out the walls and make our own private theatre room. We never use that room. I figure we can roll out the air mattress when we have company over. I guess we could make Kelli's office a home theatre room. Bleh. Anyway move the current TV out and the new thin one in. We almost did it....but backed out. We are gonna buy an Xbox 360 at some point. Just not sure how.

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  1. Are you sure about the Arcade version not having a CAT5 jack in the back? My boss picked up one as a second XBOX (which was the Arcade version) and it had a CAT5 jack in the back and a wireless controller (+ HDMI output). When I got my ring of death it was out of the year warranty (just before they switched it to 3 year warranty), not too mention I had already opened it up breaking the seal. They charged me $130 and gave me 1 free month of XBOX Live Gold to get it repaired. I didn't mention that I cracked it open, but I did say it was out of warranty. 3 weeks later I received a replacement XBOX, and 1 month after that I received my money back since they bumped it up to 3 year warranty...maybe I just got lucky with the timing. Not sure if you could just ask to pay for it to be repaired.