Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good weekend

We had a good time in Sacramento. The last week has been trying on me. I only slept in my own bed twice! I went out last Tuesday for work and stayed in Amarillo. I slept in my own bed Wednesday, leaving Thursday staying the night in Little rock. Friday night I stayed in Lubbock. Saturday and Sunday I slept in Sacramento. Jet setting is fun....but can be tiring.

I am very conservative in many of my opinions. One that is in the news in California is Gay Marriage. Prior to being part of The Richmonds, I was firmly against it. No way no how. "God said Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve," was how I rolled. Well my sister in law is a lesbian. All of the thoughts I had on how lesbians and gay men acted turned out to be mostly false. They are quite normal people. OK they are normal people. At my niece's first birthday party this weekend there were several lesbian and gay couples there. I didn't feel uncomfortable or freaked out like I would have if I had not joined The Richmonds.  The topic of gay marriage came up and I politely stated my opinion that I fully support gay couples to have all of the rights and benefits of marriage....but they can't have the word. I am not terribly religious but believe that the word marriage is a Christian concept of one man and one woman joining to become one. That's just the way I feel. Jami and Priscilla have a wonderful relationship and will do great raising my niece Haley (although they refuse to adopt my concept of giving a child Vodka when they are teething or crying!).

I have finally completed my car stereo installation. I know I said I was done before, but I damaged an interior panel that I had to order. Crutchfield.com picked up the part cost as their instructions were flawed. I installed the part today and now all is well. Finally.

This week for work will be no work. I don't think so anyway. There is a a 4 day trip that opens tomorrow. I am pondering picking it up. Below is the schedule. It has flights to places I haven't been before. First night in Harrisburg, PA, second in Cleveland, third day has trips through Chicago (I hate the O'hare airport) and Nashville, TN (never been there) then an overnight in Little Rock, Arkansas followed by an early morning finish Saturday in Dallas. I will ponder it. Otherwise I will get the whole week off paid if I want it. Oh the worries of an airline pilot :-) .
SKD 04 E7 3847 DFW 1725   MDT 2125    3.00
D/P SKD  3.00        P/C  0.00  TL  3.00
SKD TL  3.00  ACT TL  0.00
SKD ONDUTY  4.00 ODL   9.05
SKD 05 E7 3604 MDT 0730   DFW 0935    3.05        1.50
SKD 05 E7 3635 DFW 1125   CLE 1505    2.40
D/P SKD  5.45        P/C  0.00  TL  5.45
SKD TL  5.45  ACT TL  0.00
SKD ONDUTY  8.35 ODL  14.25
SKD 06 E7 4382 CLE 0630   ORD 0700    1.30        0.55
SKD 06 E7 4166 ORD 0755   BNA 0920    1.25        0.35
SKD 06 E7 4026 BNA 0955   ORD 1130    1.35        1.50
SKD 06 E7 4037 ORD 1320   LIT 1505    1.45
D/P SKD  6.15        P/C  0.00  TL  6.15
SKD TL  6.15  ACT TL  0.00
SKD ONDUTY 10.35 ODL  13.35
SKD 07 E7 3746 LIT 0540   DFW 0645    1.05        0.35        ‡

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  1. Interesting part on gay marriage :-) Hope my questions were not too intrusive when asking about your thought process. It is not that often that we have a bona fide conservative Republican in our midst :-) I do like to understand all sides!