Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need a new drug...ok not a drug but a pet

With the loss of my fish...I need new pet. My fish have been with me for over 3 years. They helped relieve stress and they helped ground me. No I am not all up in the air, but having them around meant they became part of my routine. I would stop by and just stare for a few moments to minutes each day. Big hole left now.

I will not buy fish this time. Just can't do that yet. I am researching several low maintenance pets. I have my eye on one. I spent over 4 hours today reading up on proper care and habitats. I shopped a few pet stores and was not happy with the conditions the pets were kept in. It doesn't make sense to buy a pet that has been living in crap conditions as it might not make it long. I am going to take a trip to Plano tomorrow to visit a pet store I found on line.

Macbook is still kicking strong. I am learning a bit each day about the Mac OS. I have spent 21 years in the Microsoft world. I started with a flashing cursor and DOS. I was a DOS king! Actually before DOS I had a U.S. Videotel unit.


The US Videotel was a very early America Online type service. I begged my mom to get one when I was 11 years old. It hooked up to the phone line. It was a black and white screen that had some basic blocky graphics. You could read news, shop, look up movie times...basically everything you can do online now...just really basic. The best part was the chat feature called Yak. I used this terminal for a little more than a year before I bought an external modem for my personal computer and connected using it. Now I had color blocky graphics! Where was I going with this? Oh yeah so Mac OS is slowly growing on me.

My job might be safe. Who knows. I think I will be ok. The worst case scenario is I get transferred to a new plane or base. If I get transferred to a new base (like Chicago) they have to pay for my move. Would I actually move? I dunno. I might at least get an apartment or something.  I don't want a new plane. I like the CRJ700. I think I would be bumped down to the ATR. The ATR is a turboprop that requires much more piloting skills than my current plane. Booo to having to work!

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  1. I'll never forget Videotel (aka v'tel). Ah, those were the days. I wonder what your 'pse' was? And where everyone is now?