Friday, June 27, 2008

I got Crabs

As of today Kelli and I have been together 6 whole years. Six years. Hmmm six years. Yup.

So the new pets are here. Hermit Crabs! I spent several days and hours researching a pet that was low maintenance, interesting and fun. Once I decided what I wanted I spent even more time researching proper care, habitat, food and types. I then started looking at where to buy them. There is a hermit crab distributor in Plano....but they don't sell to the public! BOO!! I visited 4 pet stores in the area....none had small crabs (small crabs are young and are easier to "tame" than older ones) or the habitats weren't cared for. Today I traveled all the way over to east Dallas to a pet store recommended to me by the hermit crab distributor. Well I walked in and was impressed by the fish selection. I then found a small tank for the hermit crabs. Not great conditions. I asked an employee for help and was brushed off. I left. I stopped by a Petco but all they had were large crabs. Yadda yadda yadda 3 more pet stores later I own 3 hermit crabs.

The crabs are set up in a 20 gallon fish tank. Why so big? My crabs live large! I bought 50 pounds of play sand to line the bottom. I also bought a heater for 1/2 the tank, sponges, fake leaves, a few fake trees for them to hide in and more for the tank. They have plenty of room. The thing I still need is a lid. I thought...plexiglass! I stopped by a Lowes as they can cut it for me in house. Well the cutter was broken. This old man was going to do it by hand. This had bad written all over it as his line wasn't straight and his first few cuts didn't go very deep. I left. Home Depot doesn't cut plexi-glass. I bought a cutter. Now I am the idiot who can't cut a straight line and can't cut deep. For now I have a large piece of cardboard on top. Hermit crabs need 80% humidity and 70-80 degrees for a comfy home. I just checked and right now I am at 80 degrees and 78% humidity..not bad. They don't have names yet. I will likely end up with 5-6 crabs. Owners groups for hermit crabs (there are several!) state 1 -2 crabs per gallon size of tank. I am very selective on my crabs. Two of the three are very active so far...not sure about the third one. I feel better having pets of my own.

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