Thursday, June 5, 2008


Firewire aka IEEE1394 is used for high speed data transfer from a device to a computer. Our HP laptop (used to be plural....mine is now Jami's and surviving (good word) in California) uses a mini-firewire cable. Our DV camera uses the same size cable. I bought one a while ago and have been fine. I then bought an external enclosure for a hard drive that was firewire capable. The enclosure uses a full size firewire cable. Fast forward to now. I have this fancy Macbook Pro. Apple supported firewire before firewire was cool. I believe...although not positive, Apple invented or had a big hand in developing firewire. I am too lazy to look it up. Anyways this Macbook uses a full size firewire cable. I now have to buy a third firewire cable to go between our DV camera and my Macbook. The cable will be mini on one end and full size on the other. Damn annoying! USB cables are either full size on both ends or mini and full size. I have a kit with all kinds of USB adapters...none for firewire. Boo!

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