Saturday, June 21, 2008

Great time in New Orleans

Sitting in the New Orleans airport waiting for our flight. We had a very good time. Our flight yesterday arrived at 9:30 AM. We hopped in the rental and were on our way to the Boomtown casino. The cheap navigation system we purchased (that I have now made into a TomTom!) worked fine getting us to the casino. Finding a Bank of America After about an hour Kelli was up $75 while I was down $40.

Our next stop was the hotel. They let us check in early. We then went to explore the French Quarter. New Orleans is still showing scars from Katrina. Going one block off Bourbon street shows quite a bit of decay. Bourbon street is back to the way it was the last time we came which was three years ago June 2005. We made our way down an ended up eating lunch at the same place we ate lunch at last time, Pat Obrian's. Good food in a nice outdoor setting. Kelli and I each downed a Hurricane. The alcohol hit Kelli more than me. I'll upload photos when we get home....still wondering what application (if I even have on installed) I can use to shrink the photos down with on the Macbook.

After lunch we walked around for a bit and then went to the New Orleans Aquarium. The Aquarium was heavily damaged after Katrina. The exhibits are all back, but not as big. I distinctly remember seeing a huge frog exhibit last time, very small this time. The aquarium was nice, but was better last time. After waling around for almost 2 hours we headed to the hotel for a nap.

Once refreshed we hit Harrah's. Every other casino in Louisiana is on a boat on water. You might not be able to tell you are on water but you are. Harrah's is landlocked and not on water. I was once told there were a lot of bribes and under the table money passed around to get the casino built where it is. We both had a good night. At one point I was up $80. I left even with the same $100 I started with at Boomtown. Kelli was up $250 at one point but left up $150. Still not bad. We then headed to Bourbon street again. We ate a small snack on a balcony of some random restaurant. The street was mildly busy. A few women displaying their chest to earn cheap plastic beads. Good times. I kept drinking as we walked up and down the street a few times. As the hour approached 11PM we headed to the hotel.

With our super super discounted airline tickets we have switched our credit cards from airline miles to hotel points. The hotel and valet parking (one bill) are covered with Kelli's credit card. The only charge outside of our meals we will have to eat (pun intended) is the $33 rental car charge. Cheap weekend mini-cation...just the way we like them.

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