Sunday, May 18, 2008

You buy'em books...send them to school...and still

So the laptop I sold to my wonderful sister in law lasted one week. I got a text this morning. I called her this evening after work (looong flight to Nassau, Bahamas and back) and walked her thru fixing it. Virus and spyware it appears. She still owes me beer from a while ago. I guess I will tack it on her bill. It will be a keg soon. I don't mind helping out Kelli's side of the family, they all appreciate my computer expertise. I just wonder that they would do without me ;-)

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  1. Hey, it's not my fault. I completely blame it on my wife P. She is not a Richmond, so not all Richmond's are computer illiterate. Thanks for the help though. Maybe I will get you a keg if you come for Haley's birthday!