Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Getting the Richmonds to Texas

So I...along with Kelli...have a plan to get as many of her siblings to Texas as possible. Every time I am around either Kevin or Jami I repeatedly tell them how cheap and great it is to live in Texas. Part of this is genuine that they are fun to be around and it would be nice to see them more often. Additionally it truly is cheaper as Kevin and his wife Jenny live in New York while Jami and her wife Priscilla live in California. Not cheap places. I think Kevin and Jenny are at least considering moving here after Jenny completes nursing school next year. I don't know about Jami and Priscilla. They just bought a house in Sacramento. Of course a year from now the real estate market will have rebounded and their $200,000 small house will be worth $290,000. They can then sell it and put down almost half the cost of a house twice the size and many times newer here in the DFW area. Jami is going to be a nurse so she can work anywhere. There are a ton of very highly rated and understaffed hospitals all around including one less than 5 miles away! Priscilla will have been at her job for a little more than a year and a half so she should be able to slide into a similar position here. They could easily live like queens (pardon the pun) on Jami's salary alone!

Now for Kevin and Jenny. Kevin graduates from the NYPD police academy in June. Jenny finishes her own nursing program next year. A nurse and a cop! They are both in high demand. Jenny can get the same high paying nursing job as Jami. Kevin can slide into a high paying, cushy, police job at any one of the nice suburbs around the mid-cities. Heck we live next to the Euless police station as is! They are currently paying 2X what our mortgage is in rent! They can easily afford a very nice house anywhere in the mid-cities area.

Once this is all done the greatest mother in law in the world can make just one trip to see three of her kids!

Of course this is all one big scheme so that when Kelli and I do have a kid....we have free baby sitters!

Hmm think I will sign Kevin and Jami up for the Texas, Dallas, Fort Worth and Euless tourism and relocation newsletters.

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