Thursday, May 15, 2008

Must Torment Dogs

So I like screwing with the's no secret. Latest thing is....wasabi (heavy horseradish taste...intense) beans. I bought some from Sprouts...this fancy store in Southlake. Of course they are spicy. Well I play a game every now and then with the dogs called Hungry, Hungry Hippos. I toss a bunch of whatever on the ground and watch them scrounge around. The wasabi beans are a neat one. They all run around wanting to eat them....but they don't. Not right away anyway. They smell them...lick them...and more on to a new one. All afraid to eat one. After a few minutes fat lilo dives in. Cruching through the pain. Doogie soon joins in. Vegas almost cries. He wants so badly to eat them. But waits...till only one is left...and powers through it.  I honestly think lilo will eat anything. Her stomach is made of iron. She drinks beer (true alcoholic), eats spicy food and even survived eating bug poison. Good times.

1 comment:

  1. you're a cruel man mr byrd.
    however... i grow jalepenos and have a labrador who loves them! i pluck them off the bush and he starts going insane running in circles and barking. so i throw them to him, he catches... bites... and then spits it out to stomp on it. he repeats the spit stomp process until nothing but a mooshy mess is left and he's slobbering everywhere.
    dogs are dumb. gosh i love them.