Friday, May 2, 2008

Mac + WinXP + Win Vista

So I had an issue installing Parallels last night. Something bad happened. I didn't want to think to much about it so I used my restore disk and reimaged my new powerbook. Then I read the directions on Parallels (funny how reading directions most of the time helps stuff) and reinstalled Parallels and the installed Windows XP. I used the license from one of the dead laptops. I then used Bootcamp to install Windows XP (same license since it's technically the same computer) and then upgraded it to Windows Vista. So now I can dual boot EITHER Mac OS or Vista and if I choose Mac OS I can go back and forth between Mac OS and Windows XP. Nice. This computer runs Windows very well. Mac OS X has all the drivers needed on the Mac OS restore DVD. How nice is that!Still happy. I am now in the process of backing up my old laptop, transferring the data to the new Windows Vista and verifying everything. I will then wipe the old one clean.

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