Sunday, May 25, 2008

Getting "The Deal"

So Kelli wanted a new washer and dryer. There is nothing really wrong with the current set. The dryer is a little loud...but they work fine. The current set was bought with my ex in 2000. Made by Whirlpool. Kelli had done a lot of research and wanted a Samsung model. Our current fridge is Samsung. It's sleek and quiet. Well we looked for the best deal. This weekend all energy star appliances are tax free. We went to Conns who offered free pedestals and 12 months no interest. We then went to Lowes with the intention of buying at Best Buy. Well Lowes had a nice associate who really knew his stuff and was very personable. He matched the deal at Conns and we were hunky dory. I had a Lowes card from when we bought our house. That's where the good times pause.

Last year I was sent a Lowes Visa card to replace my Lowes store card. I didn't ask for this. They just did it. I never thought much about it. Right now Lowes has 12 months no interest on any purchse $299 or more on a Lowes card. I asked the associate to look up my account. It showed closed. Umm no. Well yes. My Lowes Consumer account was closed and the no interest isn't valid for the Visa card. I was steamed. The associate though was very nice. I reapplied for the consumber card that was taken from me. I was approved of course and we left. We then cross shopped Best Buy and realized they could have matched the deal and given us 18 months no interest. Whatever. We headed home. Then I got more pissed about the Lowes thing. I turned back around and went back to return it all and buy it all at Best Buy. Then the good time started again.

I explained to the Lowes manager that I was upset with Lowes Credit and not the store. He listened to everything I had to say and apologized. The cashier than began processing my return. The manager then came back and offered another 10% off. I took the offer. Of course once I got home I realized the cashier screwed up a little and I ended up only getting another 5% off.  So what did we get? Well

A Whirlpool 9500 series washer and dryer the optional pedestals for each one. Total out the door price with tax (on the dryer only as no dryers are energy star) is $2411.62. This is about $100 less than Best Buy all said and done. Not bad. Turns out the first "deal" we got wasn't that good at all. We are then going to sell the old set for $300 or so on craigs list. I thought about keeping the money for myself since it was bought before we were together...but Kelli pays all the bills anyway. Good times.


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