Monday, May 19, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

So I scored Memorial Day weekend off. This is the first time I have had this weekend off in years. For 4 years I worked for NCR meaning I worked every holiday. I then started flight training which included training on all but Thanksgiving and Christmas. Last year I was in Jacksonville, Florida for Memorial Day. So....what does one do on Memorial Day weekend? I dunno. Part of my birthday gift to Kelli will be taking her to Washington, D.C. Saturday for the brand new (opens Friday) National Crime Museum. No idea what we are doing on Sunday or Monday. I am penciling in flying to Cleveland for the Texas Rangers baseball game. Flying to Cleveland will not only be something to do, but will also be Kelli's first time on the plane I fly (CRJ-700). Who knows. I "work" Tuesday thru Friday this week. I put work in quotes as I seriously doubt I will actually do any work. Instead tomorrow I am going to hand wash then wax and detail my car. At some point I will also cut the grass. Wednesday I will attempt to clean up my office and maybe the garage. Thursday I will mull around the house till the evening and then go see Indiana Jones with Kelli. idea. All paid days....not too shabby eh? :-) .

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