Friday, May 23, 2008

Started out El-Cheapo Nav...ended up a TomTom

So Kelli and I had been talking about buying a portable navigation system to use while when we travel to various cities and walk or drive around. Most units that are user friendly are $200+. Too expensive. especially....considering I may be out of a job this fall. Anyways we got a $100 refund check from AT&T for signing up for Uverse. I decided I would use the check for a portable navigation system. I then forgot about the idea. Well we are going to Washington, D.C. tomorrow and this morning Kelli reminded me of our desire for a nav unit. DOH! I spent the morning doing research as well as looking through advertisements. Fry's has a Holux portable navigation unit on sale for $99. I read reviews and specs and found out that the Holux unit has awesome battery life (6-8 hours!) but just average software. Hmmm. I then looked around more and found out that the Holux unit is easity hackable  upgradeable to other navigation software. Yadda yadda yadda I installed TomTom Navigation software on my Holux. It now operates exactly as a TomTom with all the features and maps. If I covered up the Holux logo no one would be the wiser. Not too shabby. I saved $60+ compared to the cheapest TomTom which has no where near the battery life of my Holux. To be fair the Holux software isn't that bad...but the maps are not upgradeable. TomTom is. Good times.

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