Friday, May 9, 2008

Hmmm so want to browse the network?

Honeymoon with the Mac is over.  When I first got it home I easily browsed my Windows workgroup. After I installed all the more workgroup. Odd. I searched online and found its a common issue. This sucks! I was trying to add my printer that's controlled by my Windows Home Server. I am sure I can still add it as it's still a network printer....but it's not as easy as I think it should be.I am however enjoying the 4-5 hour battery life and the lighted keyboard. Having the keyboard backlit helps quite a bit as I am still getting used to the layout. Also when I overnight in a hotel I have the computer in the bed so I can listen to The Russ Martin Show while I sleep. Using the keyboard at night is sooo easy with this keyboard.While in California I brought my previous laptop out to sell to my sister in law. It's still a very capable laptop that I was going to part out and sell for more than it's worth whole. She needs a good laptop as her previous desktop died. I re-imaged the laptop, installed Office, Norton Anti-Virus and all the Windows updates. Hopefully it will last a few weeks before she gets it full of spyware and adaware.  Below is a thumbnail of the lighted keyboard. macbook-lighted-keyboard.jpg

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