Thursday, June 25, 2009

Windows 7 and under the sheets

I installed Windows 7 on my Macbook Pro and another desktop computer a month or so ago. It runs much better on my Macbook than my fairly current desktop. I think the main issue with the desktop is lack of RAM (just 1 GB). I might up it soon. Overall I am very happy with Windows 7. It loads fast....just as fast as my Mac OS X. Once loaded I can quickly get down to someways faster than Mac OS X. I still am not happy how some of the short cuts I have used since 1995 were taken away with Windows Vista and continue to be absent in Windows 7. Would I buy Windows 7 ? Maybe. I bought Windows Vista Ultimate when it came out. I have had nothing but frustration since. I reinstalled Vista Ultimate a few weeks ago on my main desktop. I then installed all the updates. Still slow and I have many issues running Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Flight Simulator X that I don't get with Windows XP. I installed all the latest drivers to no avail. I am in the process of wiping away Vista and installing XP again.

Sheets. Kelli and I have been using our comforter to stay warm a night. The thermostat is turned down to 76 degrees. The ceiling fan is on high.  The outside temp is no lower than 78 degrees. Then I got to thinking, what if we took off the comforter and turn the thermostat up to 78 degrees. We could save money and be just as comfortable.

After about 4 minutes Kelli couldn't take it and pulled the comforter back on her side of the bed. I was a little cold, but I slept much better than I had in a while. I think tonight I will reduce than fan speed by one pull and see if I can be a little warmer.

I got my steroid shot yesterday. Feeling a little better. Should be good to go by tomorrow.

Kelli wants to go on a cruise out of Barcelona instead of Tokyo. The cruise STARTS the day my vacation starts. Right now there is no way I can see this happening as we would have to fly in the day before. I have no idea if I will be working the day before my vacation starts. Maybe next time Kelli.

Cotton candy. I love the stuff. My niece Haley always gets cotton candy whenever I visit and am able to acquire the treat. I wasn't able to go to the wedding last weekend and felt really bad for Haley not having her Uncle Darren around to give her Cotton Candy. Soultion? ! I shipped Haley a case of cotton candy. How much is in a case? Ahhh...just 12 plastic buckets full. Enough for a week or so.

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