Friday, June 26, 2009

Our next outing

Our next trip is planned in pencil. We plan on flying into Sacramento, staying with my sister in law (who stole my Iphone that was never promised or even mentioned for me....but stole it nonetheless) on night one. Then on day 2 head to San Francisco with my sister in law her girlfriend and my niece. We will park at the hotel we will be staying at on night 2 and take the BART to a San Francisco Giants game. After the game we will head back to the hotel and they will head home. On the morning of day 3 we will head back to DFW.

This should be a fun trip. I read in my most recent Maxim magazine that the ONLY stadium food in the country worth buying is the garlic fries AT&T park. Hmmm just checked the schedule. The game on Friday is at 7:15PM. The Saturday game is at 1:05PM. The above schedule had us going to the game on Saturday....not gonna work as we can't check in till 3PM. Friday might work. I would shoot a message to my sister in law on Facebook....where she has an account. BUT SHE DOESN'T USE FACEBOOK! Grrr. Bleh.

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