Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I have another sinus infection. Had one last year. Annoying. I went to "Care Now"...because....well I needed Care Now! Same Doctor as last time. I think he hates his job. I won't go there again. I was given an antibiotic and sent on my way. Almost better.

Time for a new lawn mower. The current one has served for 5 years. It's getting worn. This time I have been given permission to get a cordless mower! Woo hooo! The price is the same at Lowes and Amazon. Amazon has free shipping and no taxes. Lowes has 1 year no interest. Eh.

Kelli is going to Sacramento this weekend for a wedding. I was supposed to go. Can't get off work...booo.

I think I have my sister in laws computer up and running. My brother in law erased all of her photos a few years ago when he reinstalled Windows. This time I asked him several times if he backed them all up. My final question was, "Would you bet your marriage on this?" He said he would. I walked him through reinstalling Windows. Then a few days later he called back with Internet issues. He could connect via wired but not wireless. I figured out it was a driver issue. Bad thing for him was he called about an hour after I took a sleep aid as I was tired of being awake and sick. I walked him through setting up remote assistance through Windows Messenger. This is a product/feature Microsoft did right. In order to connect I launched Windows XP inside my Mac OS on my Macbook. After about 30 minutes I had him fixed. Just in time for me to go to bed. Next time he should by a Mac. I've never had a driver issue on my Macbook, even when I installed a 4 year old printer!

Tokyo is still a go. American Airlines is reducing their international flights after August. I doubt Tokyo will be affected. We will likely have to plan two east.

I hate being sick.

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