Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bored on my days off

My choice of career has it's perks (unlimited travel, awesome view, controlling 74 lives with just one hand). There are also some negaerks (negative perks) such as odd days off, low pay (in the first few years) an lots of time away from home. Right now I am going to whine about odd days off.

This month I have had mostly week days off. Kelli has weekends off. Thus I am off Tuesday thru Thursday this week. I have been so bored lately that I have been cleaning! I cleaned up and reorganized my office two weeks ago. I am 90% done. The other 10% will happen soon.

Today I got so bored I dove into the room formerly known as Kelli's Office. It has become a respository for crap. I made a nice dent in it. Eventually it will be a room for our offspring.

In the past on my odd days off I took a day trip somewhere (Vegas and Washington D.C. most recently). Tonight we are watching this TV show all about fried food. This is making me want to take a day trip tomorrow. Eh.

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