Monday, June 15, 2009

Don't want to be like Kelli

Kelli hasn't updated her blog in a while. Her last post was, "it's been a while."

I've been working a lot more than I used too. Kind of annoying. I spent 3 months getting full pay while being home most every night. Now I am getting full pay, but am gone 3 to 4 nights a week. Annoying! Yeah I know it's my job.

Last week the Prius had a breakdown. Kelli was almost home when she called saying the "red triangle of death" was illuminated. I told her to pull over.

Thankfully she was just up the road. I drove up and tried to help. In addition to the red triangle, her 2004 Prius had a skid control error. I used my phone to search the net. The skid control error could be caused by low brake fluid. I checked the level. Looked good. I had her pump the brake several times with the car off. When she turned it back on....the skid control error was gone, but the triangle remained. Time to call for help.

I told her to buy a true Toyota Manufacturer warranty years ago before her factory warranty ran out. She paid $990 for it. Not too bad. The warranty would be a 6 year,75000 mile bumper to bumper "Platinum" warranty.

About a year ago her air conditioner system had to be replaced. The car was making a funny noise (that it has been making since she bought it) during a service visit. While there she was told of the issue.

When she brought the car in, they said she had no extended warranty. The whole southern part of the United States is controlled by ONE Toyota Distributor, Gulf States Toyota. No matter which dealer one buys a Toyota from in the south, it comes through Gulf States. Gulf States is like it's own little world. When they ran her VIN number it only searched THEIR databases for a warranty, not the national Toyota database. After our continued persistence that we indeed had a Toyota warranty, they fixed the air conditioner. The charge would have been $1400.....with the warranty no charge or deductible.

This time the same thing happened. In addition to the red triangle and skid control issue, she had a failing water pump. They told Kelli nothing was covered as she was out of basic warranty. The service adviser later "talked Toyota" into covering the water pump. The $2400 skid control ECU though was not covered. Kelli told the dealer to check her history for the previous repair. Tada! They found the warranty.

Kelli's warranty covers a rental car. She was given a base 2008 Nissan Sentra. I was going out of town for 4 days. She hated the Sentra and instead drove the hell out of my poor car. My car is normally driven 100 miles or so a week. She put 100 miles on it in 3 days! Poor thing!

She picked her car up Saturday. All fixed.

My last trip was interesting. Due to the thunderstorms in DFW on Friday I was majorly delayed. Might schedule was to fly from Lubbock, TX to DFW then to Amarillo and back before going to Amarillo again for the overnight. We left the hotel at 5AM. The flight was to leave at 6AM. We boarded up and fired up an engine. When I called the tower to taxi we were told DFW airport was effectively closed for at least an hour. Ugh.

I made a PA and told the passengers we would keep them on board for just one hour. If we were not cleared to go, we would likely let them off. At 7AM DFW airport was still closed. We were told the next update was at 8:15AM. Off went the passengers.

Over the next 8 hours we were given hourly updates. The airport was full as there are hourly flights to DFW from Lubbock. The airport ran out of food around noon. Finally at 2:55PM we took off. It would have been faster to drive to DFW airport.

Also during the trip I had a few bad landings....real thumpers. Finally my last one in Cleveland was REALLY smooth and soft. I made a self serving PA ,"ladies and gentleman, after that amazing landing by the First Officer I just wanted to re-insure you that we did indeed land. Have a great day". The flight attendants I had on board have a real since of humor. Right after I hung up, I saw the PA light go on again. When I opened the cockpit door and people were leaving, several stopped and shook my hand and said how wonderful my landing was. The flight attendant likely prodded them into doing so.

I am sick. I think my Captain was sick and got me sick. This sucks. I called in sick for the first time on Sunday. I was tired anyway. Between Wednesday and Saturday I worked more than 45 hours and flew 19 hours.

Kelli is going to Sacramento this weekend. I have to work.

Loving my slot machine. Eric & Angela brought their daughter Marin over a week ago. They all (including Marin) had fun playing it. Good purchase.

My vacation was moved to October. Tokyo is officially on.

My brother in law is getting close to being called by the local police department for a job. It will be very nice for him to move here. Having someone we can dump abandon drop out offspring with and not feel guilty will be nice.

I hate being sick.

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