Thursday, June 18, 2009

Kelli is becoming a Guru at Non-Rev travel

Kelli is trying to go to California today. She has to work until 2PM. She would have made the first two flights to Sacramento if she didn't have to work. Now the remaining flights are very full. Last night she was working on backup plans. Right now I think she is flying to San Diego on American and then Sacramento on Southwest. She flies using my benefits on American and uses a ZED (Zonal Employee Discount) pass to ride on Southwest. A ZED pass is a type of ticket used by airline employees to fly on almost any airline. They are pretty cheap, but they are still standby. On American ZED riders board after every other employee standby.

A few weeks ago Kelli was flying from NY to DFW. She sent me a text stating how the MD80 she was on came from TWA. Most people would have no idea what kind of plane they are on, much less where it came from. Kelli has learned quite a bit about aviation over the last few years. Some of it willingly (like how to fly using my benefits) or others by chance (like how to tell the difference between an American MD80 and a former TWA MD80). Funny.

Right now I am thinking she will end up flying to San Francisco and having my sister in law or her girlfriend pick her up. Who knows how she will get back.

I am currently sitting in the bowels of DFW on airport standby. Tomorrow I will bet money I will be sent to Chicago to work. There are four open trips. Two of them have 30 hour long overnights in Northwest Arkansas. Most of the time I complain about how short overnights are....this one is too long, mostly because of where it is. If the overnight was in Washington, D.C, New York or Boston I would have a great time. Northwest Arkansas? Nothing too do but eat and complain. Booo.

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