Thursday, June 25, 2009

Shoulda used my easy button

It was REALLY windy the other day in DFW during the freak storm. Kelli and I are the only two people in our house. Things seemed normal after the storm. I took a shower that night and went to bed. The next day Kelli took a shower in the morning...all was good. Last night Kelli took a shower and the water as only warm. She didn't tell me this right away though. I went to take a shower...and THEN she said, "kinda cold huh?". DOH!

I went up to the pilot light on the water heater. I then spent a few minutes trying to light it. No luck.

I went gas smell. I looked for a shutoff valve. Nada. I asked Kelli to call the gas company. Hmmm. Back to the attic. I clicked the start button for the pilot light over and over. First this is so much better than the old fashioned using a match to light a pilot light. No luck.

Gas company said they are sending someone....TONIGHT. Wow.

I figure it would be hours. We get ready for bed. While watching the news we get a knock on the door. Gas man. I lead him up to the attic. He unscrews the gas line...stinky gas comes out.Hmmm there goes my theory. He states the wind has blown out a lot of pilot lights over the last day or so. The wind shouldn't be able to blow back through the exhaust....but it does every now and then. Sure enough he clicks it JUST like I did....and it lights. Nice.

The reason it took over a day for us to figure it out was because there are only two of us in the house using the hot water.

My experiment with the sheets and fan went better last night. Thermostat set at 78 degrees, fan on high. Just about perfect. I did get cold about 10 minutes before my alarm went off. Maybe I will try 79 degrees tonight.

I started my 401K late last year during the bottom of the market. Since I started I am up 19.27%!!! In the last 3 months I am up 24.97%! Not too shabby at all. This will be a nice nest egg for Kelli and our offspring after I kick the bucket in 8 years.

Speaking of years. Tomorrow marks 7 years that Kelli and I have been together. Seven years. A little more than 2,555 days. Yowzers.

Side other blog made the news in the Philippines....a writer for a web magazine wanted to use a photo of my kit bag with my anti-Obama sticker...I'm amous.. here is the link

Here is an excerpt:
I had this driven home to me pretty solidly a day or so ago when I read the blog of a fellow I have been reading for some time.  He’s a former computer industry tech person who changed careers to follow his dream … he always wanted to be an airline pilot.  Quit his job, mortgaged his house to finance his training and is now in the ’big time’ … or semi-big time.  He’s a first officer flying small jets for a regional US airline … working long strange hours and struggling up the ladder in the face of continual threats of layoffs (‘furloughs’ in the airline industry), and making his way, in general, in the typical American Dream path so many of us are used to reading about … at least back in better time.


What set me off on today’s essay though was a blog entry he made about packing his suitcase where he used an illustration of his pilot’s flight bag complete with a prominent ‘bumper sticker’ advocating the defeat of President Obama in the next presidential election in 2012. (Photo by permission, Geek in the Cockpit)
Now don’t get me wrong .. and don’t sharpen up your political knives.  This blog isn’t about politics and I don’t want to discuss it (for those who just have to know I didn’t vote for either Obama or McCain and I have absolutely no interest here, in 2009 who might be on the ticket in 2012).
I did, though, fell saddened and a little sick to my stomach that this otherwise positive, hardworking and ‘with it’ person would figure it was worth his time, three plus years before the next election, to put his day-to-day efforts into carrying around ‘anti’ banners this far in advance.  It’s as if we, the US, his chosen and problematic airline industry, and the unsettled world, with many people wondering where they are going to live or where their next meal is coming from, would feel that anything ‘positive’ will be advanced by wasting time campaigning against someone who can’t even run for more than three years.  I mean what are we for?  Being against someone can’t change a thing.......

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