Sunday, March 22, 2009

The worst bet in Vegas....Hotel Internet Connections!

Our trip out to Vegas was fine. I woke up at 3:15 AM Saturday morning and checked us in. I was the first employee to check in for the Vegas flight by about 1 second. This turned out to be good thing as Kelli and I were ahead of a party of 3. If they had been ahead of us we would not have gotten first class seat. Turns out we did and we enjoyed them. I had a nice egg omelet during the flight, while Kelli had pancakes.

I reserved a convertible weeks ago. When we convertibles. I asked the agent and he said to pick any other car. Hmmm...ok....but I wanted a convertible. Once he understood that I actually reserved a convertible (and wasn't just asking for one!) they went to go find one, nice.

We stopped by the Vegas sign for the first time ever. I have been to Vegas at least 15 times....never stopped by.


Day one had Kelli and I losing money. She went up for a while playing craps. I never went up. I am here to have fun anyway.

We met up with our friends Jason & Jackie and gambled with them for abit. We also met their friends from Chicago. Late last night we all had dinner at a really good mexican resturant.

Once we were all full we stopped by a smaller casino on the strip. Kelli and Jason went to play craps. I bought two mini-pitchers of beer with the intent of sharing while they played craps. By the time I returned they both crapped out! We stood around for a bit drinking before heading to another casino for more money losing gambling.

Eric and Angela arrive this morning. The winds were are going to be crazy high. The winds will be steady 20-40MPH with gust as high as 50MPH. Bad hair days to follow.

Finally hotels in Vegas get enough money from the casinos. Why must they charge $15 a day for Internet access!!!! Ridiculous. I am using my OLD cell phone to connect my laptop to the Internet. Slow...but it works. We got a very nice room. Our first room with a view.


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