Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kelli's next car

Kelli is determined to keep her car until 2011 or 2012. At that point her current 2004 Prius will be 8 years old and have 90K or so miles on it. By then maybe a 100MPG Prius will be available...or maybe she will get this......


The  2010 Aptera 2e will cost about $25K (a little more than a Prius). The Apetra will be a full electric car capable of at least 100 miles on a charge. The battery pack is still being finalized. The true range could be much further. Before you say "only 100 miles!?!?!" think about how much you drive each day. Most Americans drive 40 miles a day. For the times when one has to drive more than 100 miles a day...take a different car. This could work in our house if we have a 2nd "normal" car.

The Aptera will have dual front airbags, ABS and many other safety features of cars today. The car can be recharged via a regular household plug or for faster charging via a 220 volt plug. For more on the Aptera click here.


The car will have a touchscreen GPS, air conditioning and more. Sales start in California. Hopefully by 2011 or 2012 they will be available in Texas.


The new security software is working very nicely. When motion is detected on certain cameras in certain areas I get a text message on my phone instantly and photo emailed to my phone within 1 minute. Brinks Home Security can't touch it. With my anticipated Vegas winnings I plan on adding in wired cameras to cover the sides of the house, garage,and  front and rear door porches.


  1. Darren I think this should be your next car.

  2. Hmmm I guess it would make sense for me...but it doesn't have a sunroof. I have had a sunroof over my head for 10+ years! I like the wind blowing through Pretty neat flying car though...I want to see the interior.