Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Red Box

A few years ago Kelli and I were at a dog show down in Conroe, Texas. While at a gas station we saw this vending machine called Red Box. The machine dispensed DVD's for $1 per night. Wow. I rented one or two to watch during the dog show. Ahh dog shows....I can honestly say I don't miss them at all.

Anyways we thought it was a great idea and wished we had one in our area. Well over the last year they have popped up all around us. Seeing as I sit around the airport A LOT I needed to find something to do. For a while I was just watching movie's via Netflix's streaming service. The problem is they don't have new release movies. Solution...Red Box.


I joined the "free movie monday's" text message service. Every Monday I get one free movie. Easy. Then this month they have "March Movie Madness" and give free rentals on Wednesday too. The business model is so simple that I can only imagine the ROI is very short. I am sure they have very low overhead beyond power, internet and one employee or so to service an area.

It would be nice if they would start a Blue Box....for Blueray movies. I am sure it will take a while as Bluerays players are still a small portion of the digital movie players in the United States.

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