Friday, March 20, 2009


Kelli bought me a Marble Slab Gummy Bear Ice Cream cake. Yes I know gummy bears get hard in ice cream. I like GUMMY BEARS IN ICE CREAM!

Me being me and Kelli knowing how hmmmm......eccentric I can be, Kelli had 32 individual candles on the cake. I think getting numbers is taking the easy road out. Additionally I can test my breath. The day I can no longer blow out my candles is the day I know I am old.


The cake was awesome. I can't wait to see how Kelli tops it next year. Yes I expect each birthday cake to be better than the last. My 31st birthday cake was pink bubblegum from Baskin Robbins. I thought she couldn't do better. I was wrong.

Getting older...I am actually getting more healthy.

When I started flying in May 2006 I had high blood pressure. How high? Well near Stage 1 Hyper-tension. Heart issues run in my family. My mom and her sisters all died the same year...all heart attacks.

I bought a blood pressure machine which records readings. Here is the reading from 2 years ago.


That's 140 over 91 with just 63 beats per minute! I was rested!

Here is my current reading....


Yes 117 over 75 with 76 beats per minute. I wasn't as rested...but a much lower reading. This is normal...the higher side of normal...but normal. I lowered my blood pressure with diet and exercise. Not too shabby.

Tomorrow I will turn 32 while sitting in a 737 (hopefully First Class) at 7:36AM. That's right....March 21, 1977 at 7:36AM the world was changed forever.....greatness was born.

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