Saturday, March 14, 2009

My very smart mother in law

I flew with a Captain this week who is taking his kids to Disney World on Sunday. This upcoming week is apparently Spring Break for most of the nation. The flights are oversold and then some. The standby list for employee travel (stand by) is over 60 people today and 50 people tomorrow. There are less than 15 seats available ALL day today! He looked at flights from all of the HUBs for American Airlines and every flight to Orlando is full. Some people are taking flights to Miami with hopes of getting to Orlando from there. If my mother in law had planned for the Disney trip to be this week Kelli and I would have had to drive or fly to somewhere close (made Atlanta!) and drive. Crazy.

Same token I made a rental car reservation for Vegas. I have NEVER paid more than $70 all in. I could have had a really good deal, but I delayed making a reservation until I knew I had the days off. This was a mistake. Rental car reservations are the most missed reservation in the world. There is zero commitment. If you don't show up...most companies don't charge! Well I waited and instead of paying $65 all in I am paying $103 all in. Eh. I know Taxi's are cheaper. I am going to use my Discover Miles Card points so it will be free anyway. Right now the BEST deals I can find are $190 all in for a Chevrolet Aveo! It's gotta be Spring Break rates or some major convention.

Our flights next week are still "green", meaning we should have no problems getting on. We picked this weekend only because our good friends Jason & Jackie were already going and invited us to tag along. Good timing on their part.

We are still pondering a flight somewhere overseas.

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