Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I have a hard time with change

For the most part I am very ritualistic. I do the same thing over and over again. The thing could be  eating breakfast, getting ready for bed, preparing for a flight, or planning a trip.

Every time we have gone to Vegas (at least 12 times so far) I have rented a car. It's just what I do. I can normally find a deal that's cheaper than getting a taxi. Most of the time we pay no more than $15 a day all in. The convenience of having a car comes in handy.

We are headed to Vegas in a couple of weeks. Alamo has a deal going on where you can rent a car for $10 a day. We used this deal a few weeks ago in California. We rented a mid-size car for $62 all in for 4 days!

The deal is in Vegas....but there is something fishy. The cars are $10 a day (for a compact...mid-size $4 more) for the weekend...but starting on Monday the price quadruples. A 4 day rental is going to cost more than $120 all in. Not good.

I have time to keep searching for deals. Hopefully something will come up.

Kelli is going to Washington state today to testify. She is overly happy as she can travel in her normal clothes versus "airplane clothes". When we travel non-rev we have to dress business casual. I'm used to dressing this way. I will say that in high school and my first year of college I dressed in jeans and t-shirts. After joining my fraternity I started dressing nicer. Collared shirts and khaki pants became the norm. I feel more comfortable now with a collared shirt than a t-shirt. Kelli is the exact opposite. She is a jeans and t-shirt kind of woman. When we first met I didn't see her in something other than shorts, t-shirts and sandals until it got cold. Then it was jeans, t-shirts and tennis shoes. I tried to change her...didn't work. That's just how she rolls.

Today when she flies out to Washington she will be very comfortable. I am going to predict jeans, a list pastel t-shirt and a Michigan State sweatshirt.

I bought a book today for Vegas, Golden Touch: Blackjack Revolution. It's a blackjack strategy book. I know basic blackjack strategy, but would like to learn more. I have plenty of time to read it before our trip.

My aviation blog is back online. I had to remove all references to my employer in order to keep from violating policies and laws. It sucked taking down all my blogs as the covered my entire 1 1/2 years of my airline career. I still have them burned to a CD. One day I will export them and maybe edit them.

Kelli did our taxes this year. So far we owe $56. This is after us both paying the higher single rate taxes and all of our deductions. The reason? Well my part time contractor job. I only earned $2800 but it was all non-taxed. I still haven't finished putting in my airline deductions. I am sure we will break even or maybe get back a few hundred.

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