Monday, March 9, 2009

Gotta run the numbers

Rumors fly around my workplace more so than in high school hallways. Pilots are a chatty bunch for the most part. Last night I heard that I might be displaced next month. This means I might not be flying my plane after least not out of DFW airport. This same situation came up a few months ago and it never really happened. If it does happen this time I have to run the numbers to see what is best for my wife and my pocket book.

If I stay in DFW I will have to fly a different plane for less money. If I want to stay on my plane I can go to Chicago. I will make the same/more money...but will be away  from home longer. Could get dicey if we have an offspring (most people call it a baby). Eh.

I found a nifty site where you can design your own bumper stickers! is super easy and affordable. I ordered one. Might order another.

My blackjack book is really helping me with my playing skills. Maybe I will leave Vegas a winner!

Kelli forgot to change her alarm clock. Woke up an hour late. Doh!

I got to fly last night. First time in almost a month. My landing this morning showed how long it was been. Allegedly the landing was so rough a few oxygen mask popped open in the cabin. This was reported by a very funny (and smartassed) flight attendant. I was rough...ouch. Left quite a bit of rubber on the runway.

Hotel remote controls are gross. Nasty germ ridden things. I always clean them twice before using them. Even then after cleaning them I wash my hands. Icky gross.


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