Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Springdale, Arkansas

I am in Springdale, AR. No Tmobile coverage. I have AT&T roaming. Voice and text messages work....but not data. Boo T-Mobile coverage.

We saw The Bucket List .  Good movie. I am pretty content with my life. I have nothing else on my "list" to do. Flying is the pinnacle. Would be a shame to pass on with stuff left to do.

The security cameras are back on line. The developers of the software are quite helpful. They made me a custom patch to get the cameras back online.

A while ago I changed the wiper blades on Kellis' car. She reported to me that they needed to be replaced again as the driver side had come apart.  I bought new ones and went to put them on. Apparently I left the old one resting under the new one. It had been there for months. Just sitting there. The whole arm and everything. Surprised it didn't fly off the car.

Really liking the Zune.

Might go to Oregon this weekend. Gotta look at total cost of the trip.

My office and the network need help. I gotta get some cable ties and clean up the cabling. I have two different networks running now. One for just the cameras and one for everything else. One computer connects to both....but just one. Cabling is crazy.

I have 5 more hours in Springdale. I go to LAX tonight then back to Springdale. I didn't fly into Springdale....I flew into Fayettville. But there is no "good" hotel there. I say "good" because we are staying in a regular Holiday Inn. I like the Holiday Inn Express. Boo regular Holiday Inn.

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