Monday, January 7, 2008

Good Weekend.

Everything aligned this weekend. It started with Kelli wanting to go to Vegas on Friday. I checked in with work. I was off work until Monday night. Hotel prices at nice hotels (we stayed at Planet Hollywood) were reasonable ($99 a night). Alamo had a rental car deal with a coupon we have via an entertainment book I bought a year ago for $18.14 ALL IN (Taxes, fees you name it!). The flights to Vegas leaving early in the morning were lightly loaded. Eric happened to be going to Vegas this weekend for CES. In addition his mom and sister were going (they will come into play later). All combined for what appeared to be a good weekend. Remember the whole liquids thing? I forgot my mini-febreeze and bleach pen in my bag. Confiscated by TSA! DOH! Well the flight there was semi-full and we were stuck in coach. Bleh. We arrived on time. Since we were so early we drove around and saw all that changed in the last 17 months..... A LOT! New hotels up, old hotels down. Later in the day we met up with Eric, his mom and sister. We found some Wheel of Fortune machines...but they were in use. I started playing one machine when I wasn't having any luck. I moved over one machine and before I knew it...$1500! Sweet. I decided 2 things:

1) My mom had something to do with me winning

2) My mom would want me to have fun with the money rather than save it!

I would never hit any jackpot the rest of the weekend. Eric's mom on the other hand hit $50K! To celebrate Eric's mom took us all out for dinner at an amazing steak place called Nero's. The food was very expensive. However the steak was the best I ever had. Kelli had short ribs that melted in her mouth. We ate until we were full...and then kept eating. Stuffed.

Sunday we first stopped by Fry's Electronics. I didn't buy anything but I have a tradition about stopping in a Fry's Electronics whenever I see one.

We then didn't eat much (still full from the night before). We gambled, I drank a bit and hung out with Eric. That evening we ate our first meal of the day via the free buffet included with our hotel room (Planet Hollywood grand opening special). We ate a lot. We then rested for a few hours and then went out gambling again.

I was talking with Eric about how I can put them on my AMR account for discounted flights. I tried....but apparently I can't add anyone who isn't family right now. This is odd because it shows I have 24 passes available for friends. Will have to look into this.

This morning I woke up at 3:30...early. And prepared to get ready to go. We caught the 6 AM flight back (in first class....hell yeah!) arriving in Dallas at 11 AM. We are now resting for a bit. I say a bit because I go back to the airport at 5:30PM for a flight to Chicago. Long day ahead. I am not flying tonight, just a passenger. I start flying tomorrow.

With my winnings...I am going to purchase a Zune....the 80 gigabyte one.

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