Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Router problems

So something is amiss with my wireless router. Everything works....but I am having problems with certain devices connecting. I dunno if it's a Windows Vista thing or a router thing. The router has been working 100% for over 2 years. Suspect Vista.

Heading out for a two day trip. I get to see Michigan today.

We stayed in for New Years. Just another day.

I bought a Dryel kit for my uniform. I figured it would be easier than taking it to the cleaners. If this is what the dry cleaners do.....one big scam.

For years I have been using name brand shaving cream or noxzema. I have had decent results. Nothing great. Well I tried a product called Bump Fighter, which is made for black men. Wow. Much nicer shave and skin. Too bad it took 17 years of shaving to find it.

Hmm just fixed the network issue. There is some sort of issue with the passwords on some devices. The passwords have been in place for a while. Removing them fixes it. Will have to input new passwords.

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