Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paid off my loan....well one of them

So I have had my college student loan on autopay since I graduated. A whopping $75 a month...every month....for the last....damn almost 8 years. I check my balance once or twice a year. I checked just now....I owe $86.41! That's it! Wow. Now the story of the loan. I worked every year except my freshman year of college. I was a Resident Assistant for a year, then a janitor for a summer and finally a school bus driver for 3 years. Well after 4 years and having not graduated my mom called me and my siblings up and stated since we were all in school for at least 4 years and no one was graduating we were all cut off as far as school payments. Neither of the other two worked while in school. My brother had a 4 year scholarship that he dropped and chased a girl to Germany. My sister dropped all her classes her freshman year and blew the money on......stuff. I was responsible. I was only in school 5 years because 1) I was having fun and met a girl who would be graduating one year after me 2) having fun. I could have graduated in 4. Hell I double majored. Anyways so I had to get a student loan for one year....$5500. I ended up paying back $6300 after interest. Not too shabby. I never had a desire to pay off early. I could deduct the interest! Now for my other loan...flying loan. I am paying on it. But the balance is so high I am afraid to check the balance.

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