Friday, January 18, 2008

No PDX for me

I got home around 6PM yesterday. Tired. The flight to Portland looked too full this morning. I checked in anyway and had every intention of going. I packed my bags and was getting dressed. Then I saw 4 standby passengers due to being oversold. Hmm....they go before me. After grumbling around I decided to save some cash. The flight, rental car and hotel would have been $200 for less than 48 hours in Albany. There will be other weekends. Turns out there were still 8 empty seats when the flight left. Still better off saving money.

I have 16 gigs filled on my 80 gig zune. Doubt I could ever fill it up.

The dogs are home. In the idea of saving money I picked them up before 10AM which is the cut off time for paying an extra day. Kelli kept one of the smaller crates in her car so I only had one for 3 dogs. I can't fit the other crates in my car. The whole drive there I kept thinking of what combination I could put two dogs in and not have the third piss me off or run around. I had a blanket next to the crate for one dog. I decided to put Lilo and Vegas in the crate and Doogie out loose. He really wasn't loose as I moved the passenger seat all the way back, creating a pseudo wall. Worked great.

This weekend I will do very little. I have to update 4 manuals for flying. Beyond that.....not much to do. Will prolly clean my car....fix the network cabling.

Just gave Lilo a bath. The boys pee on her in the kennel. Don't know why. First time I ever gave her a bath. I had always bluffed. Not anymore.

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