Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On the road

I feel the requirement to exercise whenever I am not home. Dunno what it is. At home there is a wonderful treadmill 6 feet behind the couch. I know how it works...I like it. Hotels have varying degrees of treadmills...some awesome (built in cable TVs in each unit) to some sketchy unit here at the Holiday Inn. I have to exercise. Odd indeed. I did indulge in the breakfast buffet though. Worry not I had only fresh fruit with the exception of 1 cup of scrambled eggs and one biscuit. All put into added up to a 14 point breakfast. I only have 32 points for the day. Seeing as I know my lunch will be 6 points...and dinner will likely be an apple. I am not too worried.

I think Kelli and I will take a self defense class together.  I really want her to take one. I would like for her to be more aware of her surroundings at all times.

2 1/2 hours till the shuttle to the airport.

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