Monday, January 28, 2008

So far Uverse=Good

Uverse is installed and running. So far we both love it. The number of HD channels we have is up by more than 3X. The number of movie channels we have is up by 5X. The cost? Up $8 a month. The installation took a while..I knew it would. The replaced the tips of the coax where each device was installed. Then they tested the lines and they were good. The line going to the house was dead. Luckily our lot has the fiber box IN THE BACK YARD! The line tech came over an waaa la they had a singal...a very good signal. The main box is huge. The main box is the router for internet AND TV. Pretty nifty. It took me an hour to figure out how to open the ports to allow all traffic to go inside to my main router. All is good. THe picture quality of the HD and regular (SD) TV is much better than Time Warner. Changing channels is faster as well. The guide isn't as robust, but is better as we can log on to any website and schedule TV shows or delete content on the hard drive! I am disappointed that the two other receivers in the house can't pull shows off the main DVR. I am sure it's coming soon. The boxes themselves are very small. The main DVR can record 4 shows at once...but only one HD. I am going to make the former media center and HD media center to record more in HD.

The Internet is fast. The upload speed is 4X as fast. The download speed is just a little slower.

Kelli is in love with the new HD channels. Animal Planet HD, Big Ten HD and Discovery HD. There are more. A lot more. So far.....I don't see us going back to Time Warner.

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