Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Verizon LTE.....makes the geek in me smile

Our new phones (HTC Thunderbolts) arrived on the same day the Verizon LTE network went down. The phones activated fine at first. Silly me ported my number from T-Mobile to Verizon right away. This caused my Thunderbolt to go offline. Kelli's phone worked fine. I called tech support. Nothing they could do. My phone remained dead till the next day. As did my old Nexus One as it was without a number. Glad I had the day off.

Once everything was normal I was happy. The LTE network is crazy fast. My download speeds average 14Mbps with a peak of 19Mbps. Uploads average 3Mbps and as high as 5Mbps. I did speed test in Dallas, Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oklahoma City and Houston. Perk of flying for a living.

Battery life is not as good as our Nexus Ones. We are both going to get extended batteries as soon as they are back in stock.

The HTC Sense software is growing on me. At first I hated it as I was used to plain Android. Sense is okay. Still waiting for a custom ROM.

Kelli and I have had two video chats using the QIK software on our phones. Worked great. We were both on 4G and the video was very clear even though the Thunderbolt isn't supported by QIK.

Overall we are happy. My last straw with T-Mobile was my phone not working on the cruise even though I called twice prior to make sure everything was set up. Kelli was annoyed with her phone not working in her building. I believe the reason we had data access and voice access issues is linked to the high frequency T-Mobile uses versus the low frequency Verizon uses. Lower frequinces can bust through physical structures (like brick walls) easier than higher frequencies.

Not sure what we will do with our "old" phones. Kelli will likely sell hers. I might keep mine. I still have my G1. Eh.

Natali thinks everything is touch screen and is quickly learning about technology. I bought her a toy laptop. She quickly learned when she opens it, a noise happens. She then tries to open my Macbook Pro. Hmmm yeah. She also thinks everything is a touch screen as she likes playing a certain game on the Ipad. Hmm..yeah.


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