Tuesday, May 17, 2011

LTE, Garage Doors and Life on the Road

The updates to all my blogs has suffered the last two months. The primary reason is my commute to work. Instead of driving 5 miles. I drive 5 miles and then fly 820 miles to work. Takes up time and energy.

I'm loving my new phone. The 4.3 inch screen is just .6 inches bigger than the Nexus One....but that .6 inch means a lot. The improved camera is nice as well. Kelli and I have had a few video chats. Works very well. Natali kinda gets it.

I've already rooted my phone. No custom ROM yet though. I rooted because the mobile hotspot app was only initially free till May 15th. After that it was $20 a year. Since then they have extended it till June 15th. Eh. I still removed all the bloatware Verizon puts on the Thunderbolt. All the apps running in the background really eats up battery life.

Speaking of battery life, Kelli and I are rolling with extended batteries now. I used my employer discount to score $12 off. They were $38 a piece. Not bad. The phones are not all day phones instead of part day phones. All day meaning I can use my phone as a hot spot, MP3 player, web browser and gaming machine. I'm happy.

Kelli and Natali have weekends off. I don't. I hope too next month. They took a weekend trip to Sacramento and San Francisco. We were in the same time zone as I was down in Los Angeles. Then last weekend they took a day trip to San Antonio. Glad they can use my benefits.

While they were in San Antonio Kelli got wind of belt driven garage door openers. Much quieter than our chain unit. Chains are more durable, but loud. Each time it opens the dogs bark. Annoying. We bought a Chamberlin Belt Driven 3/4 hp garage door opener tonight from Lowes. It should be much quieter and even has a battery back up to open in case the power goes out. Lowes will install it in the next week or so.

To make my traveling easier I bought a Roku box and router. We already have a Roku box in the living room and love it. In order to use the Roku box on the road I needed a special router. Why? The Roku box can't click "ok" in hotel rooms when connecting to the hotel wifi. I bought a ASUS WL-330gE router. It's capable of taking in a wifi signal and then creating a wifi hotspot with that signal.  Worked great.

Maybe I will have weekends off next month.

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