Thursday, May 26, 2011

Roku makes me happy

I've been using my Roku box in hotel rooms for a week now. Love it. I hate having to two step it by using a travel router....but it works.

I am sure other guest don't care for me hogging the bandwidth. Bleh.

I only got 46.8 MPG on my last tank. Assume it's because the car sits for long periods and gas evaporates maybe? Still better than the 27 MPG I got in my Mazda5....or the 12 MPG I got in my 1996 Ford Explorer.....gas was cheaper then.

Storm blew through the other night. Kelli is getting used to Texas storms. Lightening, hail, high winds. Cars in the southern parking lots at DFW got hit hard. Would suck to return from a trip and have all your windows smashed in.

We love the new garage door opener. It's super silent.

I am a member of both Amazon Cloud drive and Music beta by Google. Both offer free music hosting and streaming. Google is a little easier as I simply installed it in on my media computer and told it where all the music was. With Amazon I had to manually add songs. Both are interesting.

I finished Tina Fey's book Bossypants. Very good. Now on to a book by Michael J Fox. I love reading but I don't enjoy fiction. Not sure why.

Bought a cheap toner cartridge for our laser printer on Amazon. First knock off fit, but didn't work. Second one from another seller worked fine. Saved $40 instead of using a genuine Canon cartridge. I imagine this cartridge will last a year.

Debating buying my dad an Ipad or a real computer. His current computer is about 3 years old. Not sure if he'd use an Ipad. I think he would. I will decide in a week or so.

And the dogs are still alive.

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