Monday, October 4, 2010

Alarm companies are shisters

We visited the State Fair of Texas last week. Fried food goodness.

Kelli and like to walk around and look at all the vendors selling stuff. One of our favorite jokes is to say, "Wow they have a  Kitchencraft booth here!" Why? Because there are at least 5 Kitchencraft booths at the fair.

I did stop at Pinnacle Alarm Systems. They had a fancy alarm system on display. The rep was knowledgeable and stated that the inital install was only $99 and then $49 a month for 3 years for monitoring. So $1764 over 3 years!

When I came home I looked up the alarm system they were selling. I can buy the exact same alarm for under $300 ( I can then get monitoring for $8 a month. The alarm can be set up to send alerts to ME and the monitoring company. Major savings. The entire system is wireless. Interesting. I am looking into trying to upgrade our existing wired system. Stuff to do while I am out on FMLA.

Bought a Kindle. Just the base $139 model. Reading books on the Ipad is not enjoyable. Glare. I really think my friend Angela should get a Kindle. $'s practically free. Fits in your purse. Battery last forever. Heck it will even feed your child....with knowledge.

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