Wednesday, September 29, 2010

F'ing Bankers

"Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, we've just started our initial descent into new car land. I hope you have enjoyed your lease just far and hope you think of us the next time your transportation needs require more than shoes."

Just 6 more payments on the Mazda5 left and the lease is over. I took a glance at auto loan rates. They are really good...but really bad.

New car rates are great at 2.99%! Used car rates are great 3.49%! Refinance rates are great 3.65%! But what's that down there for lease buyout? 5.25%!?!?!?!?!? WTF?!?!?

I can only assume bankers hate people who lease. Why else screw people who want to buy their leased car? Kinda turns me toward just buying a different car. I know I can get 0% from a car maker. I have a low debt to income ratio, no late payments in over 10 years, no charge offs....I'm clean. Got time to think.

I have a new bag for luggage. If heavy duty with a metal frame. Bought it from Strong Bags. My first experience trying to place it in an overhead bin wheels first failed. Not good. Will try again. Hope it was just an odd bin as it was the last one at the back of the plane.

Next month I am scheduled to fly 91 hours. The most I have ever flown in a month till now is 70 hours. In reality I will be paid for 91 hours but will fly around 80 hours due to scheduling conflicts. Still the extra hours will help the lack of a November and December paycheck a little easier.

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