Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I GoGo...do you?

I like being connected. It's become part of me. It's an addiction for which I see no problem.

This month has had me traveling between Dallas and New York. So far I have had 5 flights. Of those GoGo wireless has been on 4 of them. I paid for the service on 3 of the flights.

I get a hefty discount through my employer. Hindsight I should have purchased the monthly access for $20 versus spending $4-$8 a flight. The price per session varies depending on the device used. Smart phones and "portable" devices are $8 max. Computers are $13 max. For some reason it saw my Ipad as a computer the first time. Annoyed. I since learned if I used the Lastpass browser for Iphone it sees my Ipad as a smartphone...cheaper.

I know how it determines the device by the data sent from the device. On a computer I know ways of changing what is sent. Not on an Ipad without using the Iphone browser.

It is nice to be connected while sitting on a plane for 3 hours. I normally text Kelli using the Google Voice website, play Words with Friends and meander around. Makes time go by.

Enough geek talk.

Being a dad is still fun. Which is a good thing as there are no "take backs".

My Mazda5 has become much more likeable over the last month. I love the sliding doors and the ease of putting the car seat in and out without having to stoop over. Yesterday after a doctor visit I carried Natali to the car and then put her in the seat. That task would have been much more difficult if we had a car versus my MULTI-ACTIVITY VEHICLE.

Still unsure of what vehicles will be in our garage come Spring. The Mazda5 might stay. I THINK I would only get rid of it if I can get 0% on a car I like. Before that I will have to spring for new tires...which is annoying. I might replace them next month so I get a few months use out of them. Mine are showing the wear bars.

Finally, being a parent has changed my thinking on murder and senseless killings. Raising a child is a lot of work and takes a lot of time. Ending all of that in a flash seems wasteful....really pisses me off. Kinda like being robbed. Eh...hard to explain, but being a dad (still getting used to that term) has given me a whole new outlook on the value of life.

Worry not, I'm still likely only going to last another 6 years and 5 months.

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